Welcome to  Truly.Raw.Gourmet™  Non-Dairy Ice Creams & Sorbets

A company with a vision of making products that nourish the body and bring the basics back to food. We use ingredients just as nature provided them, never adding fillers or preservatives. The taste is pure and completely delightful.

What makes our Ice Creams & Sorbets so Special and Unique?

Fresh Picked Organic Fruit
We start with Fresh Organic Fruit (rather than frozen) because we believe freshness gives our bodies the highest nutritional value possible. This also allows the rich sweet flavors of the whole fruit to come through. The fruit is fresh picked (never previously frozen), and is often made into sorbet soon after having been on the vine/tree. Whenever possible we source local fruit, such as our lemons which are grown in Malibu, CA.

Fresh Organic Coconut Water 
We use Fresh Coconut Water from Mature Organic Coconuts as a base (rather than tap or filtered water).  Coconut water is completely pure, having been filtered by nature through the coconut husk. This nutrient-rich water contains essential electrolytes and adds a deliciously subtle sweetness to the sorbet. It is rehydrating and refreshing.

Fresh Organic Coconut Cream
We use Fresh Coconut Cream from Mature Organic Coconuts as a base of our Non-Dairy Ice Creams.  We process about 600 coconuts a week, pressing the meat, to produce the rich Coconut Cream that gives our non-dairy ice creams that delicious rich flavor.  Coconut Cream is high in raw saturated fat that is essential to good health.  It also tastes Amazing!

Raw Unheated Honey
For sweetness we use only Local Raw Unheated Honey because it is the most natural and least processed of all sweeteners…just as nature made it…straight from the beehive. Raw Unheated Honey is a healthy nourishing sweetener and adds a delightful honey flavor to the sorbet. Local Raw Honey is also known to help with seasonal allergies. Our honey comes from Honey Pacifica, a local 2nd generation beekeeper whose honey’s can be found at local stores and farmer’s markets.

Eco Glass Packaging
We are committed to using ingredients that are pure and healthful, so we package our non-dairy ice creams &  sorbets in glass to retain flavor and vitality. Glass is the only material that does not leach toxins into food (sorbet packaging is made from freezer cardboard that is lined with petroleum wax). Glass is also fully recyclable and Eco. It is a simple reminder that not too long ago in our grandmother’s kitchen everything was in glass (and it stays fresher longer)...and return 12 jars to us get one free.

100% Real Food
We use ingredients that are as close as possible to the way nature made them. We never add fillers, emulsifiers, or preservatives (like guar gum or xanthan gum - what’s that?) or anything that is not 100% Real Food.

Our Non-Dairy Ice Creams & Sorbets are created in small batches by hand with an eco-conscious attitude in Venice, CA.

Please enjoy them with pleasure; they are made with much care and love.

From our Kitchen to Yours.

Max and Kippy



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